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Pudge loaf. No legs! #corgi


    Pudge loaf. No legs! #corgi

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    Anatomy of the Majestic Corgi
    (as I’ve come to know them, courtesy of my precious corgi, Waffle)

    Radars: Detects the sound of food bags opening, dropped food, food on plates, skateboards, scooters, etc.

    Poker: Used to get the attention of a corgi’s human.

    Taster of All Things: Food inhaler, food goes in here.

    Majestic Poof: Used to charm humans. Touch for good luck.

    Stumpers: Used to frap.

    Nub (or floofy tail on some corgis): Happy meter.

    Tush Skirts: Used to distract or hypnotize humans during walkies.

    Drummies: Essential parts of a sploot.

    Note: Scritch spots and rub spots may vary from one corgi to another.

    Amazing. I want to buy it!!

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  3. And then to just cancel Negro Day like that. Just to make sure that nobody who’s different. Or who’s black or Chinese. Or maybe who needs to lose a few pounds…I think I’ve been in a bubble or something. Thinking that fairness was just going to happen. It’s not. I think people like me are gonna have to get up off their father’s laps and go out there and fight for it.

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    did they just

    yes, they did

    It gets funnier every time.

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    10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]

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  6. I made a thing

    I made a thing

  7. Just one, I’m a few, no family too, who am I?

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  8. this is the story of amy pond

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    “Peace begins with a smile.”

    ― Mother Teresa

    Teen Wolf AU - Where it is a normal high school and town where normal things happen. Everything is happy and no one dies.

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